Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Limit Betting Sequence Details - Casino Arizona

4/8 Table:

Pre-flop and Flop, a single bet is $4.
Turn and River, a single bet is $8

Max raise in a round is four bets.
Any one player can only make one raise at a time.
Re-raising is allowed.
Check-raising is allowed.
When two players only are in the hand, unlimited re-raising is allowed.
Normally, the max possible investment on one hand without a show-down string of re-raises is:
(4*4) + (4*4) + (4*8) + (4*8)

Or a total of $96 for a bat-shit insane betting round.

Kill Round - Special Rule. When one player wins two consecutive hands worth 40 or more each, the next round is a double, kill-round. The double winner pays double blind, and the little and big blind ante as usual (2 and 4). The betting limits are doubled for that round, and 8 is the first call. The kill button gets last option on the pre-flop button.

Squirelly Casino Stuff - If a player has Aces Full or better and is beaten in a showdown by a better hand, there is a cumulative jackpot aware, which can be in the multiple thousands. When I played there was 27,000 in this fund.
50% goes to loser of the suck-out
25% goes to winner with the big hand
25% is distributed among anybody else playing at that table at that moment.

I caught Aces full on the first night, but nobody came up with four jacks to beat me. The rest of the table was most disappointed. I had a partial compensation by virtue of collecting a decent pot.