Monday, July 25, 2005

Hooters Free Roll July 25, 2005

You know there's that movie coming out about the 40 year old virgin? Well, I had my first hooters experience this evening, I went there for a free roll, of course.

The hosts were:

There were 3 tables of 8, starting with 1500 in chips, and a gradual blind elevation. They had a bizarre alternate system in which every time somebody got eliminated, a new recruit was sent in with 1500 in chips. Of course, lots of newbies eliminated themselves in the first 15 minutes, so it took less than 30 minutes for all the alternates to come in.

I made final table and got to sit with some decent players who took the free roll about as seriously as I did. I stood to win some Hooters gift certificates, so after about 3 hours play with 5 players remaining, I got sloppy and careless and went out quickly. I could have played tight and held out another hour for a baseball cap.

I'm getting much better at sucking out. Check these!

1) I limp with Qtos with about 5 other players. The flop is qq2, so I make a tiny raise to see who has the other queen. BB goes in, and since BB checked, I liked my chances on the kicker. But BB has 22, so BB has a boat to my trips with two cards to play.

Runner runner pair of 3s for QQQ33. Nyah nyah nyah.

I looked up the odds, and he was 77.1% fave with two cards to play, and 84.1% fave with one card left.

2) I limp in with Ad9d, and there's 3 in the hand. The flop come 6d7d5s, and the player before me goes all in. It's a nothing board, so I put him on the same draw where I would have the nut flush. I go all in and he's got the STRAIGHT FLUSH DRAW 4567, and he's also got a pair of my 5s to no pair. Turn doesn't help, but river gives me a kd for the nut flush.

I looked up the odds, and he was 64.2% fave with 2 cards left, and 85% fave when the turn didn't help either of use.

My suck out skills are clearly improving!