Friday, July 22, 2005

Recognizing Your Own Tilt

I have finally admitted to myself that I was on tilt this past weekend. Other witnesses had already told me, but the biggest hurdle is always an egyptian river, right?

How did I recognize it? When I was in denial, I started to take notes on the big hands in which I was involved, and when I stayed or folded, and whether there were suck outs involved. It was a truculent self-argumentative maneuver, but probably the smartest move I made on the whole saturday. When I reviewed the notes on Thursday with a cool head, I noticed two big problems.

1) In a few of the 'suck-outs' that pissed me off the most, I was the 50% favorite or worse. That isn't really a suck-out.
2) In the most dramatic example, I realized that I had mucked a 'chopper', where I would have been entitled to one-half of a very healthy pot. I was so-pissed off that my nutty, nutty boat was counterfeited that I mucked. I was so tilty that I didn't even realized what I had done till I reviewed the notes.

Now that's tilt!