Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Casino Arizona at Indian Bend 4/8 Limit July 11 & 12

This was my first US Casino Poker experience, but thanks to all of the home games and cash games, it wasn't nearly as intimidating as I might have expected. I played 4/8 limit both nights, and came out with a positive result both nights by sticking to very basic poker strategy. The first evening was full of calling stations, and the second evening was full of players who had just busted out of an NLHE tourney.

The second evening I went with my brother, who has been a casino gambler all his life, but not a hold'em player until recently. By betting the goods and running an occasional risk, he brought home over 3 times his starting stake, dwarfing my take home for the two evenings. (I'm making more than a McDonalds fry cook, but less than a decent waiter, according to We were at the same table by luck of the draw, not by design.

We're gonna take Mom for some casino hold'em in Nevada this weekend. Stay tuned.