Thursday, July 21, 2005

On the Bus? (drunks at the table)

Saturday in Laughlin I had an interesting afternoon at the 3-6 tables. Some guys who had been boating in the hot sun all day sat at the table with the intention of drinking and whooping it up. There were 3 little piggies, all drinking up the booze as quickly as the waitress would bring it.

The first little piggy bought in for $100, quickly grew his stack to nearly $300, and then bled it all away with stupid bluffs.

The second little piggy bought in twice for $100, and each time he kept bleeding it all away calling the stupid bluffs.

The third little piggy bought in twice for $100, and grew his stack to at least $500, because he was catching lucky.

The third little piggy's first question every time the action came to him was 'How much can I bet???'. He did not fold a single time, and never bet or raised less than he was allowed. As you can imagine, this grows a stack pretty quickly when you're catching, but it will bleed it all away just as fast.

But then the damn bus he came in on had to leave while he was ahead! Broke my heart and made me tilt!

As you can imagine, it's very expensive to sit with this kind when you're not catching. I think next time I'll ask for a table change, rather than hoping for statistics to catch up.