Sunday, July 24, 2005

Tourney July 23, 2005

Took 4th place in a field of 24(+/-), which is the best I've done yet in a larger tourney. Today I'm playing a field of 64, which should be quite a marathon.

Interesting hand 1 - First table, less than 10 hands into the tourney, I make a small raise on the blinds, and a guy who likes to play wild (D)offers me an all-in proposition. I accept, and we've both got the same big slick offsuit. I get 3 to a flush and that's about as exciting as that push ever gets.

'At least we didn't have to pay a rake'....

Interesting hand 2 - Final table, I'm the big and it's getting expensive to be the big. (V) makes a 1BB raise on me, and I call with 82 suited. My 8 pairs and I offer an all in proposition, which he accepts with AQ suited. He's four to a flush, but fails to save himself with two cards remaining. He's big stack, so this is barely a dent, but it gives me enough blind money for quite a few turns around the table.

BUT, just a few hands later I offer an all-in against the two blinds, and I find myself facing pocket aces from a guy (M) who's either been running a hot streak or running lots of bluffs. Having seen the aces, I'm almost willing to believe the other 8 all-ins he had offered and nobody accepted were mostly true.

Gotta go.