Friday, July 15, 2005

Ethical Dilemma at Poker Tracker

Let's say you are playing a casino between 3 AM and 9 AM, and they are running a promotion:

Any pocket Aces sucked out in Hold'Em at the showdown will be given a $100 rack of chips.

And let's say you've been playing with off-duty dealers and other shark-like creatures and getting waxed, but you manage to land pocket Aces, and naturally you don't bet them up to get more callers, and you don't push a soul out of the pot. For an investment of 20 odd dollars, you're looking at either a 60-80 Pot or a 100 rack. The rack for you.

Now here's the tricky part. At the end of 90 minutes play, you are at exactly break even in terms of money-in and money out, and you cash out and leave after an enjoyable session with funny, friendly folks.

How do you score this on your poker analyst?

If you mark it as break-even, it makes you look like a better cardplayer than you are, and skews your statistics.

If you mark it as a $100 loss, that's not really the truth either. Plus, when the gambling auditor looks at the books, a C-Note drop is an area of concern.