Saturday, July 02, 2005

Tourney July 1, 2005

Started out at a very tight-agressive table, with my brother. In 2 hours or more, we very infrequently see a river card. I do a yo-yo, starting with 10,000 chips, bleeding down to 6400 at my lowest, eventually climbing up to 13,600 at my peak.

We move to a new table after midnight, and the blinds and antes start getting expensive. I'm still at break-even, and a player goes all-in from UTG, and I honestly believe he's tilting from a loss the hand before, so I try to double up as the Big Blind with last option to call (nobody else called.
The showdown? He has K-J os, and I have QT clubs. The calculator says he's the 58% favorite, and I fail to suck out.

Then I'm short stacked and the small blind, and my brother to the left of me is short stacked and big. We both announce our intention to go all in prior to getting our cards.(neither of us has 1.5 BB, and we're ready to go home.)

One player calls us with A-7os. I look, AJos, he looks, AK os. A7 sucks out by matching his 7 and niether of us catches. (A K on the river would have given me a straight....) (20.6 percent chance for that suck out, with big slick the 56% favorite.)

We left at 1 AM, and the remainder went on to the final table.
An enjoyable evening.